Highway 61 Re-Revisited

the elementary crossroad of a lizard and its road

There is nothing more that I can see behind me except road and there is nothing else to look at in front. And to my left and to my right there are only spikes and misshapen trees that look as though someone a long time ago tried to absorb them from the earth.

Dust gets in my eyes and I think I’ve never felt this thirsty before. I’ve learned to walk on gravel and keep looking at the road, hoping for a sign of life as eerie as may be. I’ve come to see that this is neither steppe nor prairie but mere, simple, audacious road. Read the rest of this entry »


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under the mulberry tree

One day in the grove something even more unusual than a thinking lizard came about. A mulberry tree in bloom. Endeavor previously unheard of, the tree stood wide on the cliff of a hill, with its branches spread to the valley full-blown white as if it had no idea of the level of obscenity its purity entailed. Awe-struck and ready to spread rumor, creatures ran every which way, so as to better flee the wrath of whatever force was changing the backbone of their world.

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5 reasons to get up in the morning

1. Mediocrity isn’t going to set its own standard

So your life’s a bore, you haven’t thought of anything remotely interesting for the last 6 months, your brain feels like it’s in deep freeze and everybody acts like they don’t really give a shit. Nobody needs you and you’re not making anyone’s life any better.

But… somebody’s gotta do it. I mean if it wouldn’t be you occupying the earth with your nonsensicality there’s a risk that the world would be taken over by crab people. Someone has got to set the standard for amoral normality.

Be mediocre… it’s necessary!

2. Everybody needs to picture a worse alternative

There’s always room to fill that gap! The less interesting you are, the more other people will feel better about themselves around you. Having no real hopes, expectations, perspective, friends or desire to live is actually helping your fellow man a lot more than you think.

Be crappy… it makes us happy! Read the rest of this entry »

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togetherness as seen by the green

There is something about a green world that makes love come about rougher. It is quite possibly the wind through the leaves, stones rolling into the water, or some other such magical endeavor.

“My world is changing, Marcus. But the too soon, too fast is passed. After a long while of trying to stretch to connect two worlds, things seem to be approaching some form of normality. The electricity seems to be willing to pour back into my skin.”

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Noi – sau cum s-o arzi chill in vacanta


ploaia de meteoriti

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your friends don’t really care what you have to say. marketers do

We are constantly being followed. And the sad matter is it’s not an overstatement.

One of the latest things marketing buzz has grown around is any brand’s possibility to research for campaigns and products by taking the pulse of online conversations. It’s like having access to an international focus group that isn’t affected by such things as your expectations. To marketers this information is priceless. This is why they should be the first to encourage people to tweet and blog about every single insignificant detail of their daily lives. Because it allows them to form a clearer picture of who we are, what we want and how much we would be willing to pay to get it.

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prima lectie de desen

O sa imi aduc aminte de dupa-amiaza asta toata viata.

M-am trezit tarziu si am plecat sa imi beau cafeaua in bodega chiulurilor si prietenilor de liceu, alaturi de Lulu, care a fost acolo. Am vorbit despre prietena noastra care nu ne mai surprinde de mult, despre cum ne schimbam si vara asta inseamna ceva. Pentru ca sunt intoxicata de Hunter S. Thomson totul suna ca the wave speech.

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of leaving and looking for change

So I decided some time ago that since I am responsible for my actions, I should perform a few. So I left every safe place that would have me but one. I quit, I moved out and I left town for a while.

If you’ve lived in Bucharest you probably know it makes you want to do that. From time to time it just drains life from you and you can come to terms with the fact that instead of trying to oppose resistance you can just pack up and rest for a while. I joined in the Bucharest community 3 years ago and it’s been everything it was supposed to. I finished college, had my share of decent employments and learned quite a few things about the market economy. I shuffled around looking for comfort and found it in the most unusual places: a bad neighborhood, a stubborn man, a few working space apartments.

It’s been 3 really full years of forgetting what it was all about. It happened. No more strange characters shouting out or quirky images of modeling friends, rooftop views, bad movies, badly written prose or poems. While life was at it fullest, it had actually stopped. You take doing “something” much to literally and end up with a portfolio of activities that are more or less meaningless. You get confused and hang on but then one day, browsing, you stumble across an image that says “live what you love” and a song that goes “If I was young I’d flee this town”. And this time without further ado the fog clears out of your head and you realize you are not who you used to be anymore and it wouldn’t be a problem if you actually liked it. But you’ve let your dreams drift a bit too far off too fast. That’s the whole idea: not that it happened but that it happened too fast and  you didn’t even get a chance to have proper closure.

It’s common for people to ask about what you want to do with your life. But Baz Luhrman put it best:
“Dont feel guilty if you dont know what to do with your life…the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives, some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t”

It’s an open list and I’m going to fill it up whether I want to or not. But right now instead on focusing on opposing resistance to what feels like a hostile environment, I decided to go back for a while to the things I love. Now, when there’s still plenty of time and nothing to lose. Right now, when I’ve got all this life buzzing inside my head. There’s no reason to wait until the creative noise dies out.

I’d just like to thank a few people that helped. My adorable weirdos and the lady that lent me her books, her house and her ears.

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To wonder next to the green

To wake up among leaves three times as high as your tallest brethren would undoubtedly seem a miracle to anyone.

” I left my house, let my wife die, swam against the current. I am tiny and stubborn and have absolutely no clue where I am or  why I can hear a voice inside my head. It counts my bites when I eat and narrates when I pee. All in all, most of the time I just feel like being numb again. I could even give up flying if I were you.”

“Why would you? Walking is such a bore. It gets you so little places. I’d have drowned myself long ago if I had to walk everywhere.”
“Maybe I should drown.”

“Maybe you should.”

“I… is that allowed?”

“It certainly is.”

“How would you know?”

“Who’s there to prohibit it?”

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What is the swamp? (A musing phenomenological approach)

Note: The following belongs to a larger narrative context that began here with the story of a green reptile.

There are multiple ways to be green, as with everything. For instance one can never put in balance the liveliness of what it is to be meadow green with the eerie taste of swamp life.

“The one thing we know for sure about swamps is that they do not cast shadows.” Marcus thought. They are grounded beyond belief and impossible to separate from the earth to which they are stuck to. If you dropped a crumb on the ground the sun would notice it. The sun, however does not notice swamps. It sways over them and moves on to more serious things. A swamp cannot be serious. Or anything at all for that matter. A swamp is nothing. A swamp is nothingness. It absorbs and generates as Nothing does, it yields results and self discovery. However, there is no telling where a swamp is, how it starts and why, when acknowledged it should be rendered a swamp and not some other, clear and more functional form of a body of water.

Just how much water, vegetation and ground would one need for a swamp? And in what proportion should they be mixed? It is of great evidence that swamps are very ambiguous. As Nothing is. And at the same time, to anyone that stumbles into it, the swamps is as well very evident, as Nothing is in similar situations.

You can never put your finger on a swamp. You can touch water, earth, leaves, roots, but a swamp will always escape you. As will Nothing. Soon as you realize that you are swamped you are no longer per say “swamped” but troubled. As Nothing flees when one thinks about it, so do swamps when one tries assess them.

Finally, swamps are neither here nor there. Which is not to say that they are nowhere. They can be met, one crosses with them. Enters without knowing and escapes through action. Of course, you would say… as with Nothing.

So what precisely is the beauty of the swamp? That is still to be discussed.

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