Highway 61 Re-Revisited

and it’s still possible to

have more people love you than time to spend.

The holiday rush gets people and we all retire to the corners where we first met… ourselves and aparently too many others. I know there’s people that have nothing conecting them to what they call home. I know some love it and some hate it, for me, it’s just now not the case.

I found that the people you… used to love can take more out of you than the 8hr fruitless effort many of us have for a job. And I would very much love not to get to consider… home… the place filled with all the people I’d rather not offer my time to anymore. But hell… we compromise. Because we used to belong to one another without any utility when utility wasn’t the criteria. But it’s become it.

“And the beat that my heart skipped sounded indefnitely like… this


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