Highway 61 Re-Revisited

it’s all over but the tryin’

It’s… really summer all over again.

The events… just passed. The actual events, the ones I have the day job of organizing. It rained once, but all went well with the cosmos for the most part. Learned that no matter if you’re deaf, unable to swim and a guy, you can still meet the man of your dreams.

It’s that remembering time: ‘thinking ’bout drinking with you when drinking was new’

Not many things are that new anymore. Nor love, sin or saying you’ll quit starting monday. I’m still proud of the outcome of most of my days put together.

There’s something to patience that makes all things come together at one point.

I don’t know about yours, but trust me, my life isn’t exactly how I imagined it… or much worse. I remember that when I was a kid I used to put my feet up on the wall next to my bed and lay like that for a good 20 minutes just drifting in between dreams. I used to actually take the time to visez cu ochii deschisi. It was really part of my day.

Now I do that in between breathing and trying not to fall off my feet in the tram.  And I’ll be turning 21 soon. Which is such a strange age to be at. Old enough to drink and drive, way too young to know what the hell you’re doing. Young enough to always look for excuses, old enough to take the blame.

So I really don’t know what to… tell you. There’s many of you that don’t give a damn about the things that I see matters most. No wonder I fell I’m surrounded by idiots every 6 hours. Learn to leave your lives behind. I may have affirmed the opposite myself at one point, but you are NOT the most important thing around you. What you eat (or any other little thing that no one cares about) doesn’t matter, it’s just something you DO, and like all things you DO, it should be done RIGHT. Still, it’s not something you SEEK. Will you people please realize what the difference between the 2 is already?!

(more soon) (for some reason this particular difference interests me right now)

Oh, and check this out and help out if you can. It’s a place where people with great potential congregate.


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