Highway 61 Re-Revisited

of how to get into advertising

The usual way:

Build a big ego. And I mean huge. Make idiotic self-centered jokes with a few high friends. They have to be either ridiculously snobbish, or surprisingly apish.

Constantly remind yourself that your wits and charm will pay off for you one of these days. Get a geek to correct your CV. Send it to 3 advertising kiosks. Work for 8 months in one of them. Feel self important and leave to a bigger company. Detest other drivers on the road, fake running over people on bikes and read Lurzer’s Archive. Wait for your big break.

Come up with one lousy idea that still smells original in Romanian backwater bars. Get co-opted by some multinational advertising agency… or die trying.

Elaborate your drug use list. Develop hypochondria and go with crack cause it looks cleaner than weed.

Lose all real friends left, sleep around. Help others elaborate as well. Procrastinate.

Turn 35 and feel sorry for yourself. Sleep around some more. Lay off the crack.

To get a clearer picture than i could draw up, check this out. It’s an older clip, but a classic nonetheless.

Anyway, there isn’t really a point to this. But I was one of those people that used to day-dream about going into advertising when they were in high school. I grew out of it… and into it, cause I’ve been moving around in advertising for over a year now. It’s amazing how quickly you get the hand of it. Even if you’re not cut out for it. And if you’ve got what most people would call a soul, you’re probably not.

I haven’t worked in a multinational. It was a possibility, I dodged it. Anyone caring, anyone beyond superficial smart probably wouldn’t either. Unless they’re already toping one off.

And I tag Dowel to answer me with her own opinions. They’ll probably differ. You should get both sides of the story anyway.


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