Highway 61 Re-Revisited

about the “bullshit” of it all

Welcome to the real life. Welcome to advertising industry. Eat bullshit, sell bulshit, make bulshit, be happy while you still can. ” Dowel said here.

And it’s an even better answer than I’d hoped for, as requested by my previous post.

See the thing is, and it somewhat connects to a few things I’ve said before, that our idea of real life is awfully disfigured by most of the things we learn… during our teen years and before, august and everything after. There’s not one thing that pictures it right. Sadly, not even Bob Dylan’s songs. That’s what makes them so great at helping you get away from it all. There is THE ONE that made it, though. Like a rolling stone. I know most of you have heard about it, but please, just take a few minutes to really listen to the lyrics.

So how goes it? Simply relentlessly. It’s not just the working the 9-5s (or 9-8 or 10s), it’s the pain of having to combine your aspirations with those of people you have nothing in common with. It’s producing more than you’re getting back so someone somewhere can keep giving you a steady pay to stay on the borderline of contempt. See, live like that for a few years and Marx suddenly doesn’t seem that far off. And I for one really think there is NO point to it. No, none whatsoever. Which proves I harbor a phony, because I keep at it.

So this is another thing I challenge both Dowel, J.W and to write about: the point of it all. Why do we do it? What got us here and what keeps us going? It’s gotta be worth it, right? So what is it in fact that does make it worth it?

Bottom line, it ain’t the financial. There’s a wider scope there for people with good heads on their shoulders. So… what is it?

Also, if they would be willing, I would ask Luiza and Paul to do me the favor of answering. Something tells me they’ll turn up with different, insightful concepts related to this effort we make.


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  1. pauldumitru says:

    I think that it often happens to get a wrong image of this world and live with it until something important happens, an event which makes us see how does the reality really look like.

    I guess it`s a matter of maturity and experience. As long as these two characteristics are increasing, the picture and the world will become more alike.

    Still, I doubt that the picture inside us will ever match perfectly with what`s outside there.

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