Highway 61 Re-Revisited

survival kit

Another thing that Bob told me:

“Stake my future on a hell of a past
Looks like tomorrow is a coming on fast.”

You know dudes, here’s a list to things that you should always have in reach. I’ll write in 8 minutes, timed so it’s not too thought about.

1. The pride of having made your own decisions.

2. The relief of a loving heart somewhere.

3. The certainty that you gave up something at the right time.

4. The image of a tree.

5. A song to live by.

6. A character always admired.

7. A bit of strength still left.

8. The ability to say a kind word to someone worth it.

9. A little forgiveness.

10. A tad of respect for other life forms.

11. The knowledge that you’re small.

12. The desire to shine.

13. The will to know.

14. The will to be.

15. The will to leave.

16. The will to see, hear, smell and taste.

17. The memory of throwing rocks in the water and the knowledge that they can jump.

18. The smell of skin.

19. A poem.

20. A bit of guts.

21. The knowledge that past the empty space there’s still something to lay a foot on.

And that’d be the end of the 8 minutes.


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