Highway 61 Re-Revisited

another reason

for the world’s compelling lack of reason. I think you need an NY Times on-line account to read that, but get one if you don’t have one already, definitely worth it.

Look… I don’t get most of the shit going on out there. I know there’s people fighting wars, I know most of them, if not all of them are for financial reasons. But somehow I also get that the force driving people in completely different sides of the globe is essentially another than ours. There’s only so many thing you can get from watching the news and our western commentators bring eastern reality to our ears.

It is, however so much easier to put it under one’s eyes. And you can see below:

This happened yesterday. In front of an embassy. Not somewhere far, along some desperate borderline, not in one of Bob Dylan’s dreams or songs, it happened in a crowded place, in front of an embassy. You know, those places that look so peaceful and official when you see them in movies. The ones that make you feel like smoking a good cigar.

I’m not trying to point out that the world is horrible, or twisted, or how lucky we are just for being in this shitty ass country instead of ravaged Afghanistan. I’m just saying that people all over the world are different. They do different things for different reasons, for however ludicrous, slaughter also has some reason behind it. So it’s best not to “attack” the world with reason, but with a sort of humane quality. It is also true that being different and all, we’re still all human. And that should count for having something in common. It’s easy to be judgmental, hurt, disturbed here and now and forget all about afterwards.

However by deeply understanding and assuming these differences and everything that comes with them we might not change anything here that would help there, but we can damn well live to be more relaxed, opened and real as people, as individual persons in touch with themselves and the entire world and possibilities around them.


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