Highway 61 Re-Revisited

why i believe in environmentalism

Well, what do i start with?

That it’s simpler, better for everyone’s mental and bodily health or just closer to common sense than anything else?

Cause that’s it really. Remember how you used to be embarrassed at that old, wrinkly, worn out cotton bag your grandma used to send you out to get bread with when you were little?

Sure, now there’s Carrefour, Real, Cora, and a dozen other crap places (that i also go to), where you’re offered the newly traditional plastic baggie we couldn’t get enough of when it all started. Well, it still feels like it’s time to grow the hell up.

I know this doesn’t seem like a big deal. But think about it. You alone probably use up 20 of those plastic things per month. That makes over 100 in a year. That makes, for Bucharest’s population over 200 million plastic bags. And where do you think all that goes? You know very well no one recycles in this country. It’s  more difficult to get something recycled than it is to get an asian toothless prostitute if you really want one.

And that’s really the problem, ain’t it. We, don’t really WANT to recycle. We just want to be left alone and let whoever’s been dealing with the garbage so far keep doing it. It will, however, not work that way and the thing is it SHOULDN’T. No-one should be responsible for disposing of our leftovers. We should damn well start taking responsibilities for all the products of our lifestyle.

We’re so busy criticizing the emo trend as a product of society that we’re forgetting that there are other actual PRODUCTS of society that DO do more harm and that we’re not taking a glimpse at. Because we’ve got too much of an ego, because we’re far too ignorant. Because we’re desperately trying to get away from the slum we pretend someone else put us in.

When in fact it was us all the long.

Anyway… watch these and learn something:


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