Highway 61 Re-Revisited

the power of example and the will to change

I read my last post and found I don’t like the tone of it.

There’s something to admire, about people like Nelson up here and you’ll understand if you read this article. Another way to grasp the same thing is to take an overall look at this man’s postings or at this wonderful and revolutionary piece of writing.

There’s something to moving forward without being bitter that doesn’t just push you further, but also brings up the rear. Here’s your soundtrack for this post:

Don’t stride to be alone. There’s nothing to it. Smile and get others to walk beside you. Don’t offer them anything in return. Don’t even pretend to be doing so. Be yourself SO LONG AS you know that it is YOU that builds your self. You’re not stuck in whoever you are. You can be better and you can be more positive, you can be better, do things better, love and laugh more.

It seems, it seems to not have a point and be difficult. But you may find that happiness generates happiness, in people as well in peoples. We need someone to push us from behind a great deal of time. But we do have the strength to act and be willingly, and without help.

Listen to the second one of this man’s songs and watch the happiness on his face while he plays:

You know what? Whatever you’re doing it should be making you happy. It doesn’t have to be easy, it doesn’t have to keep you warm ALL the time, but somehow you have to know deep inside that you WANT to do it, you want to be your self, acting the way you are ALL the time you are in fact your self.

It’s not really what you do so much as who you are. Do what you are!… that’s my advice to you. If you’re caring, do something that only someone who really cares could stand. Find that one thing you’re proud of and turn it into a daily activity. It doesn’t have to be pin-point. And here’s an example. I thought I loved literature and wanted to be a journalist so I could write. Then I realized I could get more into creativity by doing copywriting. And then came across that neither was in fact appropriate. There was something so artificial about it it made my guts hurt. And now I’m into… event planning?!… and I like it because I realized I didn’t like the writing as much as producing the story. I love authoring. And authoring is more than writing, more than concepts or words strewn about. It’s generating, producing, giving birth to something real, that exists outside of you. And I find that I can do that by creating… user-experience. Which coincidentally gives me a perfect place on the… professional market.

It’s not the stories, it’s what they do to people’s imaginations. Therefore, it’s not the events, or organizing them. It’s trying to generate a whole other lifestyle, a better one, for whoever is willing to adopt it for a few hours. And in their memory and in real life you’ve created something outside of yourself that has the power to reach and change.

Find out what you LOVE to do. And you’ll probably go through a lot of things you though you loved before finding one you could stick to. Don’t be afraid of rethinking and starting over. They’re the best things about life: that you can, in fact, be whoever you want to be. And having been a certain way so far is only a poor excuse to stay that way.

I just can’t make the world a better place without your help, really.


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