Highway 61 Re-Revisited

this is where we live

When I started this blog I wanted to keep up with it but with all that’s going on it’s probably harder than ever. But I wanted to share with you the amazing video above, that warmed me once after a very long day. 

Sometimes you give up believing that things will ever change. I’m currently enjoying Saul Bellow’s writing in his ‘The Dean’s December’. It’s a real life inspired story about a college dean that follows his native Romanian, famous astrophysicist, wife to Bucharest, to see to her dying mother. It outlines the strange things of communism with an interesting air – how they seemed to a foreigner from the utter inside. Bellow’s character, the dean, says at a certain point that facts were so prohibited here that feelings grew and spread in (tentacle-ish) ways that he could barely understand. 

In certain ways, due to the fact that those are in fact the people that brought us up, we’ve inherited part of that peculiarity. We bother with much nonsense and manage to resolve very few things altogether. Still, this is a silly example, but the most recent one that comes to mind… YouTube went wide. And in a sense, such things, that have become a part of daily life, we take for granted. I’m sure that YouTube has changed a lot since our first interaction and it has taken steps far more important than this one. However, it just seemed to always look the same. And I took it for granted that it always will look the same as well as provide the same comfort. I sank into that certainty immediately. 

Things change slow around here. Bucharest seems to just be getting dirtier and dirtier. With the, if possible, increasingly horrible traffic. But on the outside stuff is happening. On the outside it seems things have changed all the long. And theoretically I know they have here, as well. I know people couldn’t even imagine this level of comfort 15 years ago. And me writing on my white, shiny macbook complaining about this country, while affording to pay rent and enjoy a Starbucks once in a while. Things have skipped over here and changed dramatically compared to the ‘outside’. Yet we still have this habit of thinking that things are wrong and they always will be… ’cause that’s just us. We don’t see the small things. 

communism! yay!We don’t Twitter. I don’t Twitter. I have 2 friends that do and that’s about it. I’ll start doing it soon enough myself, once i don’t have to go from my bed to work, then to school, then to work, then back to sleep. The web hasn’t entered our lives over here as much as it seems to have done to others in the west. We’re still suspicious of it, unwilling to give in, unable to let go of keeping our lives private. And we have that right in fact, to privacy. Except that privacy’s evolving. And the concepts of work and workspace are changing. As is the one of communication. And we’re still missing out on it. Because we can’t get used to the fact that yes, most things we did were wrong and we have to let them go. Because what’s new may be awful and destructive at times, but it can be clean, if we let it. It offers novelty or, better put, novelty is offered to it. And this does not mean abandoning tradition. Not real tradition at least. But it is time to let go of all the ridiculous pretentiousness that used to be associated with well-breeding.

This is kind of what I’m talking about:


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