Highway 61 Re-Revisited

a best of Obama media

Well, he was after all the first 2.0 candidate in history and though I didn’t manage to keep up with his campaign entirely when it was going on, I though of looking back at a few things. Because this election spurred the most media in history and benefited from everything 2.0 communication has to offer. Now, due to the extensive discussions on this subject, I just wanted to share with you my favorite pro-Obama videos, via YouTube. 

3rd place – I got a crush… on Obama – by Obama Girl – because of the underlying satire on popular r’n’b

2nd place – Obama is here – by Ludacris – because it’s just cool

1st place – Cocoa Tea’s Barack Obama Reggae Song & Video – because it’s the funniest clip on the subject and actually, the most veridic display of how black communities around the globe have responded. And quote:

“It is not Hillary Clinton (Obama!)

and it is not John McCain (Obama!)
It is not Chuck Norris (Obama!),
And I know it’s not John Wayne (Obama!),
It is not the one Rambo (Obama!),
And it is not the Terminator (Obama!),
But a new trendsetter (Obama!),
Him hottin’ up the whole America”

“Well it’s no joke it’s a fact,

We’re gonna paint all the white house black (Obama!)”


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