Highway 61 Re-Revisited

time to carry on with the party


Burn Babylon Editie Aniversara

So surprisingly New Year’s Eve went great. Never been a big fan of it since after I was 12. Seemed like too much of a hassle. And like any normal person I could never understand why questions about spending it arose in early October when I at least only figure out what’s going to happen every year usually a couple of days before. And I know the people asking and they’re never the type to make reservations. 

So anyway… Went to Goblin. Brand new club, opened in Lipscani Area, Str. Smardan, Nr. 30 to be more precise. It’s warm and with the best vibe I’ve encountered in a Bucharest party spot in a while. The air there just… has a nice ring to it. I thought it was just me until New Year’s but then everything seemed to fit too well in place to be just coincidental. 

Next Thursday, on the 8th I’ll be there attending a… reggae party. Which I’ve been doing a lot lately because I dig the content manager of Jah Army too much to say no. The cool thing is that it comes from a series of parties that took place early in 2009 and pretty much the best I’ve seen around here in terms of theme parties. The crowd made you feel right at home and the club, then Suburbia with it’s former darker appearance, was always lit up and turned red, gold and green. I know it sounds like a clichee, but the atmosphere was so different then than usual that I’m really looking forward to this one. With Goblin having enter the picture, that’s two good vibes at work. 

So anyway… my advice would be to check it out. It’ll get you through the first work/school week faster and better then you’d imagine. And we all could use some color right now. 

So… see ya there! Oh, and you can get more info about it here.


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