Highway 61 Re-Revisited

a january of the decemberists

I’m sitting in my recent room, back against the heater and listening to this. A couple of days ago I discovered I live next to a man that breeds pigeons. And thought it was so silly to imagine that they hung around just because they liked the tree in front of my window. Still… there are other trees around. 

I’m starting to accept that I like what I do. Even if it isn’t what I’d planned. And that I like the people I work with. Quite a lot actually. And though they’re not exactly my friends, they tend to make my days better most of the time. Strange thing is that growing up I always imagined having a job I’d hate and just struggling with it. 

I’m working on my BA paper on aesthetics and discovering the basics of common sense as well as what people have historically thought moves them in art. It’s captivating, counterproductive, mind straining and relaxing. And I enjoy every moment of it. 

I keep waiting for the new year’s daylight savings and changes of sun.


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