Highway 61 Re-Revisited

what’s your process

jim jarmusch

Just read a great article by Michael Bierut on his process of designing and of course it got me thinking. I’ve been interviewing designers for my company, as we’re looking for fresh creative meat. And I’ve asked that question myself. How is it that you work? What do you do when you first come about a job? And there have been few voices to mention ‘research’… or anything at all as a matter of fact. 

But as Bierut indirectly puts it, process may be too strong a word. We don’t in fact know how or why we do most things. And  a year of psychoanalysis only proved it to me. There are intricate webs of thin lines keeping us in balance, very different than those we usually think we’re tied to. That’s why we probably feel so far away from ourselves most of the time. The world seems far, obsolete and alien and we really have no idea what’s keeping us there most of the time. Because there isn’t really one true stable thing to relate to. Not even in other people. As Sabato keenly described it in ‘The Tunnel’, most likely we’re each all alone, all by ourselves, in our own tunnel. At certain places the walls of our tunnels are so close together that we think we’ll be able to cary on together, but we always stray apart. 

And though it sounds tragic, it may just mean that the only thing we can do is make the best of ourselves. I mean… Kant did it :). That’s what the terrible thing is actually. That there are people that seem to have done it throughout history. And there are so many of us living that feel we have the same potential, but just cannot get ourselves to use it. Either that or we use it the wrong way. And it gives a feeling like having a pellet in one shoe and not being able to walk properly ever. And you just don’t know what you’re doing wrong. And who’s doing it right. 

But… we have to hope for the best. After all, we’re still here and anything can happen. There are people waiting to trigger wars, to plunder economies, etc. It’s been happening over and over again and in a way it only comes to show that life in fact has nothing to do with the world around it. They’re also in two separate tunnels. And the actual possibility for things changing entirely is partly what makes life worth living. Otherwise, we’d all be suburban parents and strangle ourselves for boredom. For fighters to exist, there has to be a fight somewhere, right? 

Anyway… every beginning of the year is strange. Especially now, with the recession and all. Everybody’s waiting on the world to change but no-one’s actually doing anything. And then the anthill fell apart.


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  1. perlhandlerevolver says:

    I couldn’t agree more about the strangeness of a new year, nor about the idea that we all struggle not with having potential but with using it. I have trouble with the idea of us all being alone though. Great blog.

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