Highway 61 Re-Revisited

Blue – A short story on a green reptile

Mina, the green lizard, got up one day and decided he wanted to stand on one foot. ‘Preposterous!’ Marcus said. ‘I can barely do it, and I can fly. How did it ever cross your mind?’
And indeed, it was quite unusual for any idea to cross a lizard’s mind. Soon as he heard the question, Mina realized that. In fact, standing on one foot was the only idea of his he ever remembered. Ever. And it was strange that although he seemed to have had no ideas throughout his life, he had always kept extremely busy. Even now, there were so many flies to slurp, out there. So many rocks to climb on, so much sunlight to absorb. How could he ever do it all?

Absorb the whole sun? Surely not. Preposterous, as well. Thoughts, and thoughts, and thoughts that would not leave his head, one more absurd than the other, came waltzing in as out of nowhere. Colors, figures and the taste of leaves suddenly descended on him as if dropped by Marcus from the sky and delivered a heavy blow to his usually empty mind. He felt as if a play was taking place in-between his ears, that his skull was taken over by little people putting on a show, without ever having asked his permission. Preposterous!

‘This is unheard of!’ Marcus said once more. ‘I am… a crow… and even I have no such claims to originality. And I do honestly think that you should reconsider thinking. It can be very dangerous to the green. And you’re as green as they come!’

Mina stared and stared and stared. And he thought that this all happened to him ‘out of the blue’. ‘Out of the blue’. A wonderful expression. So filled with meaning, in all ways of the word. So simple and beautiful for an apparently placid metaphor. ‘Oh yes! It would make perfect sense!’ And Mina dove into the waves. ‘It was so easy I never saw it. The only way out… from under to into… the blue. Where nothing can fall out of it.’ ‘Preposterous!’

But effective.


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