Highway 61 Re-Revisited

what do we look for in music?

I’m kind of geeky and high school-ish about music. That attitude sort of stuck with me, that if I’m going to like someone I have to, at some level, respect their personal choice in music. 

And falling in love with Bob Dylan made it all that harder. I’ve got a thing for lyric-d music. The real chemistry doesn’t go on between my mind and the music most of the time, but relies on the lyrics. I just have to feel that music comes from one other real person, flesh and blood, warm as well. That’s why I don’t go for synthesized stuff all that much. It doesn’t seem to be real enough.

Still, there are other things that click. And all in all, it’s both the lyrics and the music mixed elegantly. In a way I can respect and relate to. Anyway, aside from Dylan, whose discography I could add here, here’s a list of my out of the line favorites: 


The Cat Empire – The lost song


Elis Regina & Tom Jobim – Aguas de marco


Nina Simone – Here comes the sun (Beatles cover)


Coco Rosie – Werewolf


Gotan Project – Santa Maria


Decemberists – Here I dreamt I was an architect


And a group favorite: Santogold – Shove it (featured in Jay-Z’s Brooklyn, we go hard)


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