Highway 61 Re-Revisited

how to rely on change

I’ve spent the past week in Italy. Mostly around Loreto, Ancona and Porto Recanati. Sometimes Castel Fidardo, Numana and Osimo. A lovely handsome man showed me around. We discussed life and loves. His past and current proceedings as well as mine.

And as always, we advised ourselves to rely on change. Things do not turn out how we imagine them usually. A wise, wise man I cherish told me some weeks ago that I should stop just doing things and start knowing. To which I replied that if I’d held on to the things I’ve known throughout these recent years, my life would be very different, yet not necessarily better. But surely he wouldn’t have been as big a part of it. 

So I’ve come actually to count upon the fact that things will not turn out the way I’ve planned them. And that somehow I’ll fall on my feet and the things I truly love will still be there. Thing is there’s too much stuff I can’t control happening all around. And I’m not going to put all my energy in trying to make it go my way, but just catch the wave. 

I’ve been talking to several friends. We’re all lost. Dazed and confused. We want to love, read, talk about art and literature, get high, do our best, overachieve and overdo. We’re good at most things and love each other more than anything. No, honestly. We write, sing, dance, text message. We say silly things that no one else understands and laugh like the world is ending. We’re as bright as our smiles. And we still believe in one another and in the change we’re supposed to be making. We’re jaded but in an optimistic way. 

And I know for the most part this is you as well. I know you’re smart, courageous and fun. I know you try hard and want to make the best out of what you’ve got and what others lend to you. I know you’ve listened to Dakota and felt the words at least once. I know you might love Bob Dylan as much as I do if for once you’d stop listening to the harmonica and look at the lyrics. It’s probably the Obama-ism in the air, but hell, we can. And we’re going to. And all mediocrity should watch out. This time, it bites the dust.


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4 Responses

  1. razvan says:

    super articol…

  2. alexandracorolea says:

    Postul tau imi inspira asta:

    Nu stiu exact de ce, it just does 🙂

  3. cosmin says:

    oh , well .. it’s happening, though it looks kinda crappy for the moment:

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