Highway 61 Re-Revisited

who’s afraid of the internet?

This is Romania… close to everybody.

I was in a cafe earlier today with a few friends and a couple of people I’d barely met. And one of us didn’t know about Second Life so me and one other person started explaining. It was the sort of crowd that doesn’t go out of its way to be online. Savvy people but grounded. And I’m kind of a new media buff so i went into it a bit further than I should… and I’ll also write about it here, to get it out already.

I think the world is changing fast and dramatically. And if you don’t believe it yet, think 15 years ahead. When 5 year olds that are growing up with IPhones, Second Life & WOW will be 20 and active under every social aspect. Do you think they’ll resemble your current definition of humanity? Feeble as it may be…

Thing is people are in fact changing. As our psyches are subjected to more and more different, active and interactive sources of information, they adapt. They learn to accumulate tremendous amounts of data in short time periods but lose out on long term dedication. The  reverse would be slipping into addictions… of multiple sorts: with brands, virtual reality, etc. It’s happening right now anyway… only in time the alternatives to real life will keep getting better and better… while the sense of ‘real’ will lose focus probably.

We’re just going to have to live with it. Adapt. Maybe most of us, that like printed books & newspapers, shaking hands instead of twittering, kissing instead of “xoxo”-ing aren’t very comfortable with it. But my guess is there isn’t really going to be much of a choice. Neuro-headsets are no longer big news. And odds are similar technologies will be put to use in all matters of daily life, as we move towards the automatization of everyday tasks. So soon being on-line, connected, geared in the web, will no longer be a choice, but the only way to get anything done.

So what I’m saying is… don’t fight it. Live with it, make the best of it that you can. Fighting something is also a way of letting it control your life, just not the comfortable one. Not in this case. Learn to accept the advantages while keeping in mind that there’s no other thing like real human contact. Your experience is the only thing you need to confirm that and keep it meaningful. It takes a lot more effort to defend it by attacking the ‘alternative’ that the www. has become. Just try to learn quality stuff as you go along and keep an eye out for slippery places.


The top video was a presentation of the uses of technology in the year 2019 – via Microsoft at the Wharton Business Technology Conference.

This one will remind you that everything is so amazing right now and nobody’s happy.


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