Highway 61 Re-Revisited

top 5 tips for rainbow climbers

I think I will make this the beginning of a customized top 5 series. So let’s begin.

1. Pick your goal very carefully

Your precise goal is important determines your method. Are you literally going to climb? Or is your goal just getting to the other side?

To get to the other side consider the following: bribing a leprechaun (the .ro version of rainbow climbing), renting a flying horse (available in Pipera for just 50 eu/30′), befriending ET (check Facebook & Twitter), getting a job with NASA (they’re hiring monkeys).

If you want to climb be sure to bring a very colorful pickaxe, a lucky horseshoe, sweat pants & peanuts. Also, loads of colored shoelaces.

2. Bring someone along

You’re not going to be able to carry the pot of gold all by yourself. So promise to share the profits with someone. Note: do not do business with friends or relatives – they whine.

3. Practice imagination

If you’re a wannabe yuppy looking for a quick way to get rich… you found it. But chances you’ll find a stable rainbow are about as likely as your grandma standing on one foot on the head of a stripper that just bounced from a cake.

That’s why be sure to watch a lot of cartoons & take notes. Also, get on a strict diet. Avoid chemicals (yes, including drugs) & alcohol. Actually, just go into a de-populated forest with nothing to eat or drink for about 4 days and you’ll be all set. Because you’re worth it!

4. Wear a hard hat

Rainbows go up pretty high so there’s a bigger chance that a flying pig will poop on you.

5. Pee before you leave

Peeing on a rainbow is frowned upon. So make sure to go before you go.

Now go out there and whoop some leprechaun ass!

Si in incheiere un moment special pentru toti baietii de la scara B:




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