Highway 61 Re-Revisited

To wonder next to the green

To wake up among leaves three times as high as your tallest brethren would undoubtedly seem a miracle to anyone.

” I left my house, let my wife die, swam against the current. I am tiny and stubborn and have absolutely no clue where I am or  why I can hear a voice inside my head. It counts my bites when I eat and narrates when I pee. All in all, most of the time I just feel like being numb again. I could even give up flying if I were you.”

“Why would you? Walking is such a bore. It gets you so little places. I’d have drowned myself long ago if I had to walk everywhere.”
“Maybe I should drown.”

“Maybe you should.”

“I… is that allowed?”

“It certainly is.”

“How would you know?”

“Who’s there to prohibit it?”

“Oh… right. Who’s there to prohibit it? See… I don’t know a great deal of things, but push comes to shove, the only thing I can tell so far is that I may be living.”

“So? Who knows if you are? Maybe you’re already dead. Consider it. How would you even know the difference?”

“Yes… even if I was dead I probably couldn’t tell the difference. Which makes being alive not that big a deal, ain’t it?”

“What does that word even mean, anyway? Alive? How on earth are you supposed to know if you are if we’ve got no idea what it means. It’s not like you can look at it from outside and tell what alive is. I think it’s all bollocks. Alive, not alive? Who cares? We don’t even know the difference.”

“I think I’ve seen a few dead lizards, mind you.”

“You have? Where? Where could you see dead lizards? You’d have to walk to see dead lizards. That’s practically impossible.”

“No, it’s true, I didn’t have to walk. They just died right side of me.”

“Really? I don’t… believe you.”

“No, really. They did. Just… poof, like that. Dropped dead.”

“What do you mean *poof*? Lizards don’t just *poof*. This isn’t la-la land. This is a valley. Things are born, grow old and die, things fall with the current and come with the water. Things never *poof*.”

“They just… they just stopped living.”

“Well how would you know? You don’t even know what living is. How could you tell when someone stopped doing it?”

“You’re a crow. You of all know what death is. You know, Marcus. And you treat me like I wouldn’t understand it. But I am going to die, you know. I have to understand it. It’s as big a part of me as you.”

“Actually, I think that as a matter of fact you’re never going to die.”

“I don’t know if I’ll ever leave the valley, Marcus.”

“You are… look at you. You’re too green not to. It descended upon you when you started thinking. And now you’re playing the blessed idiot. I love you and you’re never going to die. I know that because I am a crow.”


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