Highway 61 Re-Revisited

togetherness as seen by the green

There is something about a green world that makes love come about rougher. It is quite possibly the wind through the leaves, stones rolling into the water, or some other such magical endeavor.

“My world is changing, Marcus. But the too soon, too fast is passed. After a long while of trying to stretch to connect two worlds, things seem to be approaching some form of normality. The electricity seems to be willing to pour back into my skin.”

“You want to leave with your new-found brothers. You think they’ll join you. You’re sure of it.”

“How could I not be? You’ve observed them. I know beauty won’t rid me of doubt but, I will surpass boredom in a flash of warmth and proceed to succumb to joy.”

“You trust them.”

“I do. They are my last ounces of belief.”

“You won’t leave the valley without them?”

“Why should I?”

“I never said that they were never going to die. I only assured you of it. I simply think you should be aware of the risk. Lizards tend to forget that love can also stop living.”

“There’s nothing in me that shouldn’t be in them.”

“I can’t tell you if there is. It’s your risk. It could end at any time and badly. Horribly. You have to understand this and keep it on your mind always. You are leaving for yourself, not for them. The only departure you can take part in is your own. However close you may be, you will never intervene on their lives and neither they on yours. You are all alone in this.”

“Marcus. I want to hold on to ‘together’ a bit longer than I have. I know we’re alone. But at least we have that in common.”

“It’s nothing to have.”

” I love them as you love me. They are never going to die. I know that because we are the same.”


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