Highway 61 Re-Revisited

under the mulberry tree

One day in the grove something even more unusual than a thinking lizard came about. A mulberry tree in bloom. Endeavor previously unheard of, the tree stood wide on the cliff of a hill, with its branches spread to the valley full-blown white as if it had no idea of the level of obscenity its purity entailed. Awe-struck and ready to spread rumor, creatures ran every which way, so as to better flee the wrath of whatever force was changing the backbone of their world.

“It is yours, you know that. A mulberry tree in bloom. It’s an extraordinary sign of the extraordinary bound to happen. Never has this swamp known another thinking creature and your time is due to level the mountain between you and them. You have to begin your journey before the flowers fade and when you return, if you do, the tree will bloom again.”

“It isn’t even spring, Marcus. I have so much getting ready to do.”

“The world has already done it for your. Now you go. You move your green legs in whichever direction you choose and it will be the right one for now, only to be lost if you wander later. Leave your wife and kids to me and go and be extraordinary.”

“I never asked for this, Marcus. I am simple and feeble and afraid of death. I want to wander but get lost nowhere, I want to change but not hurt. I am afraid of hurt as you are and for the love of the grove I do not understand why you won’t follow me.”

“I am not a lizard. I was not born green. I am blue blooded and destined to guard your home. You will see as you go along, a home is never to be left alone. Now go.”

Note: The story of the green lizard, previous paths on the trail:

Togetherness as seen by the green

To wonder next to the green

What is the swamp?

Blue – a short story on a green reptile


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